Talent Programs

Enabling talent to flourish

Which employees will be of great value to your company in the future? That is often not difficult to predict. They are young employees with many talents and a high level of ambition. It is important for your organization to allow these individuals to grow, because if they grow, your organization grows.

Naturally, you do not only wish to develop the talents of these individuals, you also wish to retain these talented individuals. Our talent programs help you to do so. These programs are challenging and give your talented employees every opportunity to excel in the organization.

Programs that work

Ludens has set up and supervised many programs for young talent, such as trainee programs and programs for high potentials who have a few years of work experience. All programs focus on the personal development of participants. Moreover, the programs are strongly embedded in work practice. A key condition is that that work practice must be challenging. Our programs ensure that the participants assume a lot of responsibility and commit themselves to the organization.

Our talent programs work because:

  • Participants learn through experience and targeted training
  • HR and (senior) managers guide the participants
  • A community of young talent emerges

Learning through experience and targeted training

Learning does not take place only during training program sessions, it also takes place – even more so – when what has been learned is applied in practice. All of our talent programs therefore strike a good balance between actual experiences in the workplace and thorough individual-oriented training. In other words, formal and informal learning go hand in hand in our programs.

Proper and inspiring guidance

Supervisors and managers play a crucial role in the retention of talented employees. Many studies have shown that people join because of the company and leave because of the boss. In other words, talented employees come because the company interests them. They usually leave because they are inadequately assisted in their development.

At Ludens, we believe that the assistance provided to talented employees must be properly organized. Without proper assistance, it is not possible to achieve a lasting result with a talent program.

Community building

To retain talented employees, it is important to have a network of peers within your organization. Such a community embeds the results of the talent programs. In addition to the training days, it is important to fully invest in the building of a community.

For more information about our talent programs, please contact program manager Guido van Voornveld.