Management Development

Working on leadership that unites

Every organization is in motion to a greater or lesser extent. It is increasingly the case that what worked in the past no longer works. Circumstances and markets are constantly changing. Uncertainty is therefore never far away. Now more than ever, a clear strategy and the courage to make choices are crucial.


Inspired and resilient leaders are of vital importance to every organization. They navigate the ship through the storm and create high-performance teams. They make the tough decisions and ensure unity of purpose. They are able to inspire, cultivate intrinsic motivation, and get the most out of their teams. These managers are the flywheel for the desired change. A Ludens management development (MD) program gives them the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

A good MD program has immediate benefits for your organization because we assist your employees in their individual development and help them to achieve the organization’s goals. An MD program also makes it possible for you to actively develop current and future key positions in your organization.


We believe that, by definition, management development requires customization because every organization is fundamentally different. We therefore work with each customer to design development programs that contribute to the achievement of the customer’s strategic organizational objectives.

A Ludens MD program is therefore always unique. It will however always include:

  • A good mix of working on personal and collective development
  • A combination of learning in and on the job
  • A common thread
  • Coherence and focus by means of a number of milestones to be achieved
  • Relevance to current organizational issues


An MD program benefits your organization in different ways. If you can relate to any of the objectives listed below, we can be of help. You wish to:

  • Train managers within your organization so that they can fulfill more demanding management roles
  • Develop a shared vision to deal with the most important organizational issues
  • Create a network of young and ambitious managers in the organization so that members of the new leadership team strengthen each other and are less likely to get stuck
  • Strengthen the position and place of managers
  • Secure and stimulate talent

For more information about our MD programs, please contact program manager Huib Hardeman.