Change Programs

Doing justice to what is going on

A new direction is sometimes needed: a team may not be performing well, it may be time for a new way of working, or the duties and areas of responsibility associated with a key position in the organization may have been altered.

How do you ensure lasting change that is achieved by employees shaping the desired result themselves? It is not enough for employees to understand the new approach or role, it is vital that they also support it.

Doing justice to natural patterns

The desired change is often simple and relatable: more personal responsibility, a greater focus on results, and more personal initiative, or indeed less evasion, less politics, and less silo thinking. It is relatively easy to design a program in which such behavior is learned or stopped, but the likelihood that something will permanently change is low. This is because the effect will be limited if you do not do justice to the natural patterns that have taken root and do not ask why a certain kind of behavior is present in the team or the organization.

Systemic perspective

When we receive a request to develop a team, department, or role, we always consider the situation also from a systemic perspective, because, just as good intentions frequently do not result in different behavior, a rational plan is often not enough to bring about a change in behavior. There is often a lot going on unconsciously in the undercurrent that prevents change. The systemic approach helps to gain insight into this undercurrent and therefore enables you to do justice to what is going on in terms of giving and taking, old grievances, and loyalty.


Our programs are very diverse simply because each issue and each context is different. Nevertheless, all of the programs have the following in common:

  • The training is very practice-oriented
  • We always base our work on actual cases in the workplace
  • We do justice to what is going on

We work at the level of convictions, sensemaking, and identity, as well as at the level of specific and practical skills and agreements. The aim is to achieve a lasting result.

For more information about our change programs, please contact program manager José van Tilburg.