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Lutz Knospe

senior consultant / trainer / coach

Who I am and what drives me

My name is Lutz Knospe. Originally from Germany, love brought me to the Netherlands in 2003.

Helping others to be successful is what drives me. I’m always really pleased when people complete a key development step that makes them happier as individuals and improves their professional performance. Passionate about personal development, I made it my profession in 2008.

I want to inspire people and make them curious about their own hidden talents so that they can truly unleash those talents. That energizes me. Learning is very much my thing. I learn every day. I’m therefore always happy to use my experiences to help managers, leaders, and other talented individuals within an organization to achieve both their personal goals and the organization’s objectives.

I work on the border of personal and professional leadership. As a current or future leader, you can only have the most impact if you make the best possible use of your own personality when leading, and that requires love, patience, and professional assistance.

I am good at listening to others and my capacity for empathy makes it possible for me to genuinely understand another person’s thoughts and feelings. On that basis, I work with the other person to identify the next step in his or her development that is most appropriate in terms of that individual’s personality and business ambitions. It’s not about learning a technique or a trick of some kind, it’s about taking a step that makes a difference to you and to the people around you.

My background

I “grew up” in the commercial world (B2B). In various sales positions, I was responsible for a variety of customers ranging from SMEs to large multinationals. I learned that relationships are a crucial factor in achieving success in a commercial role. I therefore learned more about communication, influencing, the functioning of the human brain, personality types, motives, and so on.

I started working as a trainer and coach in different areas relating to communication, personal effectiveness, and management development in 2008.

I focus on the supervision and implementation of training programs at medium-sized and large organizations. I assist people in individual coaching processes and train and coach managers and talented individuals in the context of their personal and professional leadership issues.

My professional and personal development are informed by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), transactional analysis (TA), and the systemic approach (including Phoenix Opleidingen).

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