Spring Professional

Talent Programs

Spring Professional (formerly Ajilon Young Professionals) is part of the Professional Staffing branch within Adecco Group Nederland.

Spring Professional recruits and supervises young high potentials in their first jobs, or, in the words of Spring Professional itself, “We launch careers.” These high potentials are given intensive guidance and training. Knowing oneself and personal leadership are the key elements.

For a number of years now, Ludens has been providing the 14-month Personal Development Program (PDP) that is completed by every talented individual placed by Spring Professional. This intensive and inspiring program consists of seven modules in which talented individuals further develop in terms of communication, persuasiveness, making choices, cooperation, and self-knowledge.

In this program, we use many alternative and inspiring instructional formats. We work with a photographer and a boxer, for example. In addition, one of the modules includes an outdoor program. We always seek to combine depth and work at an individual level with challenging and exciting instructional formats. Moreover, the program must always be relevant to the world as experienced by the trainees. In this respect, we always try to honor our Ludens name and give “Homo Ludens,” the “Playing Man,” maximum scope.

For more information about this program, please contact program manager Guido van Voornveld