Change Programs

Over the years, Schiphol has grown to become Europe’s Preferred Airport.

There are direct flights to no less than 319 destinations from Schiphol. In 2014, the number of passengers who passed through Schiphol increased to almost 55 million and the cargo handled amounted to 1.6 million tons. Over 500 companies that employ a total of approximately 65,000 people are based at Schiphol. The activities performed at and around Schiphol constitute a key driver of sustainable growth in the Netherlands. Schiphol handles its numerous daily challenges with a workforce of around 1,900 employees.

It takes a large number of experienced professionals to keep a world as complex and multifaceted as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol turning. Schiphol therefore employs specialists in ICT, commerce, technology and engineering, finance, HR, communications, and legal affairs.

Ludens has been providing the Professional Development Program for these highly qualified professionals since 2011. The program has two aims. The first aim is to enable the professionals to further develop and professionalize. The second aim is to address different cultural aspects and ensure that people hold each other to account more, improve internal cooperation, and break the taboo on internal profiling.

The program consists of stand-alone modules of several days in duration that deal with, for example, “Advising in a Complex Environment,” “Influence without Authority,” and “Personal Leadership.” The cultural aspects referred to are handled in all modules. The modules therefore reinforce each other and give rise to a culture change in an organic manner.

For more information about this program, please contact program manager Guido van Voornveld.