Management Development

Most Mammoet employees are highly qualified technical people who are among the top in their field. Until recently, the main focus in terms of training was on the technical knowledge and skills of employees. Leadership and personal development were less of a priority.

Inspiring and strong leadership is needed to remain at the top in terms of quality and innovation, certainly in today’s very competitive market. Excellent managers are needed to ensure that Mammoet retains the best people, but the best technician is not always the best manager. Mammoet therefore decided that a new MD program was needed.

Mammoet has business locations in 28 countries. The company’s managers are therefore based in different parts of the world and constitute a very diverse group in terms of nationality. Ludens has been providing Mammoet’s international MD program for several years now. The training periods are concentrated to minimize the travelling required on the part of the participants. Over the course of the program, the managers come to the Netherlands three times for a Development Week. The week includes training courses, coaching sessions, games, and networking. There is also time for inspiring speakers of Mammoet, and current issues in the organization are discussed.

Between the modules, the participants remain in touch with the trainer and the other participants. Videoconferencing makes remote coaching and guided intervision possible, and thereby ensures learning continuity and the best possible program for this international group.

During the program, the participants use film footage that they have recorded themselves. They carry out an analysis of the new strategy and specify what the strategy means for their specific location. They produce a short film on the subject that includes interviews and examples of working methods. This activity ensures that everyone is engaged with the strategy.

For more information about this program, please contact program manager Ingrid van Zutphen.